Saturday, October 31, 2009

Left Wing Repairs

Repaired tank filler neck fabric attachment blocks. Installed landing light mounting plate.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Left Wing New Parts

Fabricated and installed pitot tube per SN & Drawing 10004-80. Installed new electrical wiring for Nav. & Landing lights.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Cessna s/n 12403 left the factory 22 Jan 1947 as NC2167N.
The plane was sold to Hamburg Airpark Inc. of Hamburg, New York.
Sold 10 Mar 1947 to Robert Knoche of Hamburg, New York.
Sold 23 Oct 1948 to William Hauck of Buffalo, New York.
Sold 19 Feb 1949 to Kellogg Mann Jr. of Cleveland, Ohio.
Sold 27 Mar 1950 to Buffalo Aeronautical Corp. of Buffalo, New York.
Sold 04 Apr 1950 to Henry Holland of Buffalo, New York.
Sold 04 May 1951 to Joseph Byrne of Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Sold 30 Jun 1952 to Knoxville Flying Service, Inc. of Alcoa, Tennessee.
Sold 04 May 1954 to Nina Gibson of Knoxville, Tennessee.
Sold 29 Oct 1954 to Omar Midyett of East St. Louis, Illinois.
Sold 11 Dec 1954 to Associated Pilots of St. Louis, Inc. of Webster Groves, Missouri.
Sold 20 Sep 1955 to M. and S. Flying Club, Inc. of Hullsboro, Illinois.
Sold 15 Oct 1955 to Donald Albert of LaSalle, Illinois.
Sold 10 Oct 1956 to Aero Traders of Milan, Michigan.
Sold 23 Jan 1957 to C. F. Wible of Sebewaing, Michigan.
Sold 30 Jan 1960 to Leo Gutzmer of Saginaw, Michigan.
Sold 11 Apr 1960 to Wesley & Arleigh Beebe of Flushing, Michigan.
Sold 06 Jul 1964 to Jerry Floyd Auto Sales of Flushing, Michigan.
Sold 07 Jul 1964 to John Powers of Clawson, Michigan.
Sold 04 Mar 1983 to Edward Weeks of Flint, Michigan.
Registration Number Changed on 25 Oct 1983 to N140TW.
Sold 01 Dec 1986 to Dennis Harbin of Charlottesville, Virginia now in Louisa, Virginia.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Left wing

Inspected structure. Installed tank. Installed root braces. Replaced outboard drag wire per AD 48-25-03. Checked and set trammel, tightened wires and jamb nuts per SLN-27.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Left wing Primer

Installed new fuel tank hat support pads. Then expoxied and primed all chromated surfaces fabric will contact.