Monday, May 24, 2010

Tent For Wing Work

The weather and lack of pollen finally allow me to get back to fabric work. Actually I've been to busy in the embroidery shop to get anything done. My friend Caleb Glick offered the use of a tent so I could have an outdoor place to finish the fabric work without carrying the wings up and down the stairs to the attic. We had some planks from the road bed of an old bridge, for a yard project when the weather turn cool again. We used these planks to make a deck where I will one day have a shop/garage. We drilled holes and pounded in some rebar to hold them in place and provide locators for the posts. To get some more head room I made 1 ft. extensions for the posts from 1" EMT conduit. As soon as I get some time in the shop we'll put the cover on and move a wing into it. We also have a large tarp we'll cover it with for some extra protection and to tie it down. Now I won't have to carry the wings in and out every day.