Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Generator and Starter Manuals

One of the things I've been trying to do with this project was to do everything according to the correct manuals, service letters, etc.  When I got ready to work on the starter and generator I realized I didn't have the manuals for them.  The starter, generator and voltage regulator were made by Delco-Remy and used on a lot of small Continental engines so I assumed the manuals were easy to find.  I went to the C-140 club library but no luck.  I then checked the forums but again no luck.  I tried all kinds of on line searches using the part numbers, etc.  I eventually found a web site for people working on old Chevy's and things went quickly after that.  
Each year Delco-Remy published a collection of Service Bulletins in an Electrical Equipment Operation and Maintenance Handbook.  This book is number DR-324.  They also published a separate collection of Service Bulletins with the Test Specifications needed to do the actual tests, repairs, and adjustments.
On January 1, 1956 they published a version of these 2 books which collected all the prior annual versions of this information into 2 books so you didn't need all the individual prior year copies.  After that they published annual updates again.  Prior to the 1956 edition the individual Bulletins were only updated as needed.  As an example I found the 11-20-49 version of DR-324 on line.  The Generator Operating Principles Bulletin 1G-100 in it is dated 1-22-46 which superseded one dated 12-28-38.
I couldn't find the test spec book on line and finally purchased a 1956 copy from a company in Israel.  It came by mail in about a week

For the Generator there are 3 bulletins.  I've shown the first pages of each here.  The three are:

1G-100 Operating Principles Generators, 7-22-46, 4 pages
1G-125 Types and Designs of Generators, 12-16-46, 6 pages
1G-150 Adjustments, Test and Maintenance of Generators, 2-4-49, 12 pages

To test the generator there are 2 Service Bulletins.

The first is 1G-180 Numerical Index - Generator Service Test Specifications, 1-1-56, 7 pages.  You use this one to look up the specific generator model number to find the applicable specializations in the second bulletin. On the C-85-12 the generator model number is 1101890.  It's near the bottom of the first column of page 2, below.  It shows that the test spec to use for this model is 1814, the generator turns clockwise, and the brush spring tension is 24 ounces.

The second Generator Test Bulletin is 1G-185 Generator Service Test Specifications, 1-1-56, 6 pages.  It gives the Field Current, Output Amps and Volts at the rated RPM. as well as other information.  Spec 1814 for this generator is on page 5, below.

For the starter (Cranking Motor) there are 4 Service Bullletins:

1M-100 Operating Principles - Cranking Motors, 7-24-46, 4 pages
1M-120 Cranking Motors Using Overrunning Clutch Drive, 8-30-46, 4 pages
1M-130 Cranking Motors Using Dyer Drive, 9-9-46, 4 Pages
1M-150 Adjustments, Test, and Maintenance of Cranking Motors, 3-2-49, 13 pages

To test the starter there are, again, 2 Service Bulletins.

The first is 1M-180 Numerical Index - Cranking Motor Service, 1-1-56, 4 pages.  Again, you use this one to look up the specific starter model number to find the applicable specializations in the second bulletin. On the C-85-12 the starter model number is 1109656.  It's near the bottom of the third column of page 4, below.  It shows that the test spec to use for this model is 2377 and the starter turns clockwise.

The second Cranking Motor Test Bulletin is 1M-185 Cranking Motor Service Test Specifications, 1-1-56, 3 pages.  It gives the Brush Tension, Cranking Amps, Volts, and rated RPM. as well as other information.  Spec 2377 for this starter is on page 3, below.

The Voltage Regulator used on the C-85-12 is Model N0. 118736.  The Service Bulletin for it is 1R-116 D-R 1118300 Type Two - and Three - Unit Regulators, 2-8-49, 10 pages.

The Regulator Service bulletins are:

1R-180 Numerical Index - Generator Output Control and Relay Service Test Specifications, 1-1-56, 5 pages
1R-185 Generator Output Control and Relay Service Test Specifications, 1-1-56, 10 pages.

The test spec or the 118736 Regulator is 2165 which is in Table 2 of 1R-185.

While it took several weeks to find all the Bulletins, it seems better to service the units based on the Bulletins rather than a lot of well meaning advice which may or may not be reliable.  Delco-Remy went to a lot of trouble to provide these and a lot of GM vehicles and Continental Motors were serviced using them.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Snow Damage 13 Feb 2014

 The snowstorm which came through seemed harmless when we went to sleep Wednesday night.  It was cold (25 degrees) so the snow was light.  In the morning it was still cold but what I didn't know was that in the middle of the night the snow turned to fine sleet for a while.  We ended up with about 6" of light snow, 4" of sleet heavy and some light snow on top.  About 6:20 am, while I was waiting for daylight a sudden gust of wind shook the tent enough to cause it to collapse under the weight.

 Because of the rebar I used to secure the side poles against wind, the sides leaned but did not collapse.  The wings were hanging by straps from the horizontal poles along the top of each wall.  I had also padded the poles to protect the wings from wind damage.  All of that worked to protect the wings.  In the left picture there is a bundle of poles, some plastic and some metal, above the wing.  Unfortunately when the bungee cord at the far end let go one of the metal poles struck the wing and nicked it enough to require opening the fabric to inspect and fix it.

 The right wing is just laying there on the side poles with no problems.
The fuselage is another story.  It took the full weight of the snow on the aft top skin of the fuselage.  The bent tent pole hit in the middle of it making a serious dent.

 There are 5 dented skin panels, the aft 2 top skins (0412116 & 0412117), the 2 long side skins (0412119 & 0412119-1) and the lower skin below the hit (0412121-3).

 Luckily the former (0412109) doesn't appear damaged.

It looks like about 70 hours work and $650 in materials to fix the fuselage.
There's another 20 hours and $200 in materials to fix the wing.


 Yesterday I repaired the tent, to protect things from any further damage, with a bunch of 1" EMT conduit and some bolts.
Fortunately I've kept hull insurance with Avemco to reasonably protect us if a disaster occurred.  Their adjuster will be here tomorrow afternoon to check it all out.  Hopefully this will have a happy ending.  I really didn't need more things to do and I had expected to fly the plane this summer.  We'll see what happens.