Sunday, February 28, 2010

Engine Stand

The snow cooperated to get the engine to the attic. A friend had offered his engine stand but that was just one more thing to carry up to a crowded space. Besides I like inventing things. I have this auto engine stand which I use for the Fly Baby's engine (also a C-85) when it's not on the plane so the plan was to modify it. I had a piece of 3" x 6" x1/4" angle I had used as a second hand bucking some rivets on one of the Cub wings so it seemed perfect for the task. I cut a 2-3/4" hole for the prop hub and drilled 13/32" holes for the prop bolts. On the short side I drilled 2 holes 1/2" dia., 8" apart to mount to the stand. . Leveling it side to side was easy but the stand tips up at a slight angle. I wanted the engine vertical so it would not want to turn and damage anything. I made some wedges from 1/8" aluminum angle, put a taper on one side and left a bit of the flange to get the angle flat. They have a hole in them for the bolt so they can't pop out. I've had those kind of exciting things happen. I also added some washers to move the C.G. forward and strapped a sand bag to the front leg. . . With the come-along hooked to the rafters and a shackle on the lifting lug it was pretty easy to lift the engine into the hole in the stand. I did get the boss lady to help so nothing slipped . The engine is bolted to the angle and we're read to pull the engine back apart. All the machining should be done and it should be just a matter of making sure no rust has developed and oiling all surfaces. I'll also measure everything since I'll be signing for the work.

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