Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Spar Installed

All the areas where corrosion was removed or cleaning exposed bare aluminum were treated and primed. The spar is now ready to install. Suprisingly the new spar went in easier than the old one came out. Everything fit perfectly and all the holes align. Clearly a testament to how they made the parts and assembled the wings at Cessna. The only rivets which will be oversize are due to old repairs. The most I'll have to do is clean out any primer in the rivet holes and we'll be good to go. With clecos in everything and the drag wire installed the wing is back on the stands until we start riveting. The front drag wire fittings have to be removed to rivet the leading edge to the spar, so it will be back on the tables for that. Until then, the ribs and outboard leading edge have been cleaned and are ready for primer. There are 4 nose ribs which need minor repairs and we'll be ready to fabricate the new Leading Edge. The aluminum is due in 2 days so the nose ribs should be on before the leading edge is ready

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