Monday, October 25, 2010

Final Spray Coats of Poly Brush

Before I sprayed the first coat of Poly Brush I looked very carefully for any bare spots along the spars and re-brushed them to fill them in. What I found was I should have put Poly Brush on the spars like on the leading edge, etc. Anything on the lower (flat) surface within 1/8" and anything on the top (scalloped) surface within 1/4" of the fabric should have 2 coats of Poly Brush. The poly drips on such surfaces as you brush and then wicks adjoining areas clean. After several careful applications the bare spots fill and blend in nicely under the spray coats.
To make life easier mixing 3:1 I marked up a stirring stick by carefully pouring 1/2 gallon of well mixed Poly into a clean empty can (lower mark). Then I made a higher mark at a distance equal to 1/3 of the lower height. Then all I had to do was add the Reducer to the second mark and I have very consistent 3:1 mix.
I also found it helpful to filter the Poly Brush mix into an empty reducer can for pouring into the cup of my HVLP spray gun. Quick and easy No Mess pouring, easy to open and close the can, easy to keep well shaken. I'll do another can for the Poly Spray. .
Both wings now have 2 full spray coats. We're ready to start the Poly Spray the next warm dry day. They are not perfect but I'm very happy. Much more fun than just doing bits of all these steps in training classes.

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