Friday, August 3, 2012

F&M TAF Oil Filter Adapter

The F&M oil filter adapter is back on.  I had to order a new gasket from them ($15).  I'm not convince it's much different from the one in the overhaul set.  They're both paper gaskets.  Their's is .032" thick and the one in the set is .030" thick.  Their STC SE7562SW is based on their gasket so it needs to be done with the approved gasket.  Also unlike Continental's service letter for most of the gaskets, the STC requires this one be put on without any sealants.  A assume its an effort to stop any sliding of the casting due to vibration.  Having worked as an oil filter engineer at AC Spark Plug it's amazing how much things can bend and move around when an engine is running.

Having worked on filters as an engineer I've seen a lot of problems people create installing them.  Always coat the gasket and casting with a thin film of clean oil.  Rubber vulcanizes at about 170 degrees F.  It will make a great bond to the metal casting if there is no oil between them and you will not get the filter off.  If you've ever seen rubber shock mounts, that's how they bond the rubber to the metal.  Also don't over torque the filter.  Pressure adds to the bonding process and makes it all the harder to remove the filter. With everything clean and dry like this, or a new installation, also put some oil on the threads of the stud and filter.  You want the filter to unscrew off the stud easily when you change the filter.
The filter holds about a pint of oil.  Fill it before installing it.  You want to minimize how long it takes for oil to get to the bearings in the crank and cam.  Why make them run without oil while the can fills when you can do it before installing the filter.  Be patient filling it.  The oil has to flow through the paper and then the air has to get back out.  It takes several refills before it's actually full.
When you screw a filter on first tighten it snugly by hand to seat the gasket.  Back the filter off until the gasket is just clear of the casting.  Gently screw it back on until you feel it touch the casting.  Start counting you turns (3/4 or 1 or whatever) from that point.  For this Tempest AA-48108-2 filter there is only a torque spec.  The old filter had a torque spec. and 3/4 -1 turn.  That's plenty of compression on the gasket to prevent leaks.  Over tighten it and that gasket may be there when you die of old age.
I like to write on the can with a felt marker when I changed the filter (date & hours).  Do it on the end of the filter when you first take it out of the box.

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  1. Use your hand to spin the filter all the way into the engine. If it is hard to spin it, the threads may not be lined up or you may have the wrong filter.