Monday, July 30, 2012

Engine Baffles

While I wait for the needle for the carb. I've started working on the baffles.  The oil and dirt are cleaned off.   I'm missing 3 parts but they should be easy ones to make.  Some of the baffles need repairs and all the seals (rub strips) need replacing.  I also need to fabricate the springs which hold all this together. There is some corrosion but it should clean up OK.  I'll probably paint the baffles after I repair them to keep them from corroding.  I've ordered some 3/8" thick SAE F-3 felt to make the new rub strips.  I'll use some high temperature Teflon fabric to sew them up.  They are made as a "P" shaped strip with the leg of the "P" stapled to the baffles.  I think I'll use .040" stainless safety wire to make staples.  The holes are already there so it should work.  I have an idea for a tool to set the staples.  The Teflon fabric should let the strips rub easily on the cowl.

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