Saturday, May 11, 2013

Teflon Fabric for Rub Strip Arrived

 The Teflon fabric is here.  I bought 1 yard (37 1/2" wide).  I have a nice straight edge for cutting.  It's an aluminum extrusion which is easy to hold, doesn't bend and has rubber on the bottom so it wont easily slide while cutting.  It happens to be 3" wide, just what we need for these strips of fabric.  It must have been meant to be.

I like my disc cutter.  It doesn't wander as easily as a knife and it doesn't ruin the cutting board surface as fast.  They make various discs for it.  I mostly use the straight and pinking discs.
Very quick and easy.

 To make it easy to sew the slippery strips I ironed a fold into them.  You need just enough heat to hold the crease while sewing.

 The first stitch is about 1/4" from the edge to hold the ends together once the felt is inserted.  I used some Nomex thread because it is designed to take the heat.  I used red so it would show in these photos.
 To insert the felt I sharpened the end of a piece of welding rod with the belt sander and bent the end.  Think long Bodkin.  You slide it in the fabric pouch, hook it in the felt, and pull the felt through.  Very simple.

Ready to sew the second stitches.

 You need a presser foot for sewing welting.  I wanted to use my good machine for this but never bought that foot.  I used the foot with our cheap Singer which appears to be for sewing zippers, but I got them sewn.

Just like new.  Ready to cut to length and staple to the baffles.

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