Thursday, March 24, 2011

Engine Case Painted

I couldn't find Continental Gray engine enamel, but I did find a Dupli-Color New Ford Grey at Advance Auto which is lighter than the Lycoming gray. It came out great. It was another paint with the recommendation to spray 2 light coats and then one medium coat ten minutes apart. After all the time spent masking I understand why Continental switched to Gold Alodine on the aluminum parts and their ugly Gold paint on steel parts. Even with clamp on masks there is a lot to mask. I pounded some dents out of the oil sump and I'm cleaning the Accessory case and other parts which get Grey paint. Fortunately the only inspection I needed to do was to make sure nothing got damaged after all these years setting. So far everything is fine. I'll probably paint the black parts before I start reassembly so the engine doesn't set open very long.

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