Saturday, March 5, 2011

Putting Things Back in the Fuselage

It's nice to finally be putting things back in the fuselage. The new nut plates for the gear leg wedge bolts are epoxy primed (no more rust) and riveted in. I have the materials to make the new brake lines. The float fittings were almost as much trouble to re-install as they were to remove, very tight quarters for big hands to work. The control yoke, flap lever, and all the other little parts I took out are cleaned, epoxy primed and painted. I love the Poly Fiber Epoxy Primer but I've never been happy with any of the enamel paints I've used over it on fittings. John Gaertner of Blue Swallow Aircraft turned me on to an epoxy spray paint from VHT Products Company. You can get it at most auto parts stores, they have a where to buy it page on their web site. You spray a light coat, wait 10 minutes another light coat, wait 10 minutes and then a final medium coat and let it dry to a very hard finish in gloss black or satin black.

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