Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crank Case Assembled

 Everything is oiled or lubed per Continental Letter SIL99-2B.  The silk thread was a little more trouble because I tried doing it with latex gloves.  If you touched the sealant the cloves stick to it.  Don't try this with gloves.  Most of this stuff like the Moly on the tappets and cam come it small amounts which should last for about a hundred engines.  The 2-4 case is setting on a plastic tote pan to allow the rods to hang freely.
 The pink on the 1-3 case is the Continetal Gasket Maker.
All assembled, bolts torqued and safetied.  The yellow rod protectors are pieces of those foam noodles the kids use in the lake.  A short piece of it works great and fits the rod snugly. You do have to move them as you rotate the crank but otherwise they work fine.

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